Home transition:

Our Home has grown with us over the years. Our back yard looks much like a resort!
Home Transition page.


We get to go on many adventures and have had many good times.
Adventures page

Our marriage

Our Wedding

Train sculpture

Car sculpture

Kiss the bride.

Mr. Bill and Phyllis' Net Home

Welcome to our little page on the internet. I have included a few links I frequent for computer help, files, and general information. Those are on the menu called links. We are in the process of updating our pictures.

Below are some of my favorite pictures of us.

My wife and me. She and I make each other very happy. We laugh and go on many adventures. It is a blessing we got together.

We get to spend lots of time with my parents. We make them join in on some of our adventures because otherwise that old guy just banks his allowance.

She's an animal!!

We rented an atv in Rockypoint.

An interesting park.

Dad in a paper hat.

We took Mom and Dad out for a ride to courthouse rock.

Harquahala AZ

Eagles Page

Be sure to check out these hand-crafted eagles. Each sculpture is unique and can be customized.

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